Sunday, January 18, 2015

Take off with Harvey's! Would You Like Cold Fries with that?

Tuesday saw me at Ottawa's Macdonald-Cartier International Airport to see off my Mother-in-Law after a short stay with us.

With her flight leaving at 5:30 P.M. I thought I wouldn't worry my wife back home about what time to make dinner.   Instead, after making sure Mother-in-Law made beyond my site through the security line, I headed up to the 3rd floor check out the Harvey's (1000 Airport Parkway Private, Ottawa).

With no line up of customers and pair of workers in the front and perhaps one in the kitchen, I walked up and ordered immediately.

Original Combo with fries and Pepsi
The Order: 1 Original Hamburger combo with fries and a Pepsi.

The order took no time at all and the burger was topped, fries presented and drink cup provided.  But no asking the usual if I wanted ketchup for my fries like at almost every other Harvey's I had attended.  There didn't seem to be an evident ketchup dispenser so I asked.  I was politely pointed to the other side of the cement pillar near the pop machine where the condiments, napkins, straws and other items were.   Interesting the pillar is set right in the middle of where the topping station ends and the condiment station starts.  I hope I was not the only to miss this step.

The hamburger was the regular original hamburger found at any Harvey's in Canada.  The usual overstuffed with toppings and a decent tasty burger.  Nothing special nothing bad either.

The fries were worse.  The restaurant counter was slow on a Tuesday afternoon meaning the turnover in fries was taking longer.  The temperature of the fries was unbelievably cold.  Yes they were cooked but no obvious attempt to ensure their warmth was undertaken.  The fries were the corporate approved version but just stone cold.

Harvey's Storefront Counter
Overall, this Harvey's is in a promising location in a psuedo airport "food court".  The term "food court" should be used loosely as the only other full restaurant nearby is a Tim Hortons.  However, there is a Booster Juice and a sit down Rideau Bar & Grill that has it's own sitting area nearby.  So "food court" may be a misnomer.   The food is standard Harvey's fare at Harvey's regular corporate pricing.  The only thing this restaurant needs is to pay attention to the food temperature. If that minor attention to detail is resolved, it really would be nice to take off with Harvey's in my tummy.

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