Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shrinking Wendy's

Wendy's on UrbanspoonI was at the International Centre last week for a tradeshow and decided to skip the overly expensive food served at the convention centre ($9.00 for luke warm Pizza Pizza slice of pizza, a bag a chips and a bottle of Pepsi? FORGET IT!)

So I headed over to the nearby Wendy's we saw coming off the nearby highway with a coworker.  The Wendy's (3650 Derry Road East, Mississauga) had nobody in line despite it being noon on a weekday.

The Order: 1 1/4 Pound Hamburger, Fries and Medium Pepsi.

 Overall the taste of the food was the way old Dave would have like it.  The fries hadn't changed in taste, the burger was still delicious.  

The packaging was a little different.  The burger was wrapped in a paper wrapping and placed in half cardboard packaging advertising one Wendy's recent specials. 

The fries though were also very different in their new packaging.  They shrank in size compared to just a year ago.  Now quantity of fries is even less than the medium fries at McDonald's.  Meanwhile the price, as noted in a previous posting, is still the same. 

It seems Wendy's is now cutting back on packaging sizing instead of increasing the price of their products.  What ever happenned to Wendy's of old with Dave commercialing himself at the grill promising good tasting food and quality service and price.  Things just aren't the same. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Find me on Twitter!

I just cracked and started a Twitter Account.  I have found that there are lots of deals out there if you follow companies, people and other unmentionable things on Twitter. 
What am I going to be doing on Twitter?  What am I going to be doing with Twitter?  I have no idea yet, I can barely keep up with blogging here on a regular basis.  But with 140 Characters limit?  Who knows!

Follow me to find out what adventures I have with this new to me social medium!

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