About Me

I was born at Newmarket, Ontario's York County Hospital (now called "Southlake Regional Health Centre") and resided in beautiful Aurora for a while.

I graduated from elementary school from Regency Acres Public School in 1993.  Also, graduate from high school from The Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School with my Ontario Secondary School Diploma, my Honours Student Award, and The Aurora & District Historical Society for Excellence in the Study of Canadian History in 1998.

For university, I headed to Canada's Capital, Ottawa, where I graduated from the University of Ottawa with my BA in History (with honours).  Wanting to teach I decided to return to the Toronto area from York University with a B.Ed.

With teaching positions in Ontario far and few between after I graduated, I took up the opportunity to teach in the United States. In 2004-2005 I finished a year teaching for the New York City Department of Education where I met my future wife who I married in 2009 at Aurora United Church.

In 2012, we moved to Ottawa together after my wife was transferred for employment reasons.  This enabled me to launch my new social media business in 2014, Suddcorp Solutions.

About My Restaurant Reviews

Currently enjoy several mainstream cuisines including pub food, Italian, and American style food. As well, with the assistance of my wife, I've begun experimenting with different Asian Foods (e.g. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.).

When writing about restaurants I look for several key items that I believe other restaurant customers are looking for:  the time to be seated, the attentiveness of the wait staff, the deliciousness of the food and a dining experience at a decent price.

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