Friday, March 31, 2006


I am tired of many things....

1. People not getting the idea of a websites guestbook. My personal website's guestbook is for friends, family, website visitors to comment on my website and anything pertinent there of. Sure post your website link, but make sure it is not a commercial site. Is this that hard?

2. SPAM. My blog, website address book, e-mail and many other places on the web have seen SPAM go up. Do you think I am really interested in purchasing porn via my guestbook "Jessica"? NO! In case you haven't noticed my website containes many things that parents with young children may wish to look at. So why would any of these people want to purchase porn or products associated with porn from you? Also, if I delete your add three times why do you keep posting the same thing, but with a different e-mail address, in my website's guestbook? I just don't get people.

3. I receive probably over 35 spam messages a week in my hotmail account. I now only use this e-mail address for website sign ups requiring an e-mail address. Why? Because I found using this e-mail address at websites meant I was inundated with spam. How? The websites I signed up for ended up selling my e-mail address to a third party or I missed a small check mark signing me up for some useless commercial newsletter. So in this account I mostly just delete the items in the junk mail folder.

4. Idiots VIVA drivers. I transfer twice between three VIVA routes on my commute. I have to run in some cases because VIVA drivers don't have the courtesy to look to see if someone wants to get on their VIVA bus from another bus. Perhaps the worst location for transferring is at York University between Orange and Purple routes. Despite an Orange bus pulling into the stop, the VIVA Purple bus pulled out nearly leaving me behind. HELLO! If you want to encourage people to ride the bus system, perhaps making convenient transfers might be a good start!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Discovery of old wharf a 'wake-up call' - Mike Strobel - Discovery of old wharf a 'wake-up call'

Sometimes history gets in the way of progress. Toronto and other cities just like it have seen historic buildings fallen or included incoporated into new buildings. Usually, when a historical artifact (e.g. building, landmark, etc.) is known about, the item can be included into the plans for a newer piece of construction (i.e. a building). However, sometimes history can be hidden away for over a hundred years and is not known about until stumbled accross.

This happenned in Toronto recently when the old Queen's Wharf was dug up by construction crews who were digging in order to lay a foundation for a parking lot and for a new condiminium project. The old Queen's Wharf used to be where sailing ships hauling cargo would dock in order to unload their contents at the Toronto Harbour back in the late 1800's. However, due to issues of sailing into and out of the Toronto harbour, the wharf was no longer used and industrial progress took place. Soon Toronto's harbour would be pushed southward via quite a few landfill projects. Front Street, named at the time because the street ran along the harbourfront at the time, would become an irony. An irony because it would be pushed further and further back from the lake front (as seen here).

Fast forward until more recent times. Construction crews are trying to dig down in order to lay a good base for a parking lot for a condiminium project. The crews strike large cedar pieces of timber nailed together using wooden connections. The old Queen's wharf is suddenly unburied! Now what to do is the question. I will let Mike Strobel, columnist of the Toronto Sun tell the full story on this one.

Apparently, because this piece of history was hidden from view and forgotten about for about a hundred years, it has to go. There was not even a thought of including this piece of Toronto's history into a windowed portion for tourists to look at. An example of this possibility can be found in southern Manhatten Island (New York City) where the remenants of the Old Dutch City Hall building's foundation can be seen through a glass encased section of an otherwise unassuming New York City sidewalk right next to a large modern financial office building. This can be seen at 85 Broad Street just south of Stone St. and north of Pearl and Bridge Streets in Lower Manhatten (south of the famous Wall Street Area). The remenants were stumbled upon when 85 Broad Street was being constructed and saved. Now tourists and locals alike can look through the glass encased portion of the sidewalk to see what the Dutch had built.

Now to Toronto. In true Toronto form, the old Queen's wharf is no more. A corner of it has been excavated and sent, for posterity purposes only, to Old Fort York. The rest of this historical piece of workmanship has been chainsawed and sent to a Michigan landfill. A shame really that the remenants couldn't have been included within the construction of the parking lot and plaqued. A shame really that the landowner or the city did not see the great possibility of saving the old wharf. Now the true history of why "Front Street" was truly "Front Street" may never be known. Sad really. But I guess this is progress.

Monday, March 20, 2006

You think it is easy to steal a car? How about a.... - Stolen fire truck dumped in Vaughan

And you thought it was easy to steal a car. Check out what happenned to some of Toronto's bravest (click on the link above).

Question! How does this happen? Did the driver leave the keyes in the vehicle?

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Setting up an Apartment is hard to do

So I thought setting up an apartment would be fun. But after 18 days of lifting, carrying, dropping, screwing things together, dusting, vacuming, scrubbing, and buying, I have realized this is not a fun process any more.

There is not a day that goes by now that I realize, "RATS! I STILL NEED SOMETHING!" That need might be as simple as a mop and pail to a more harder something to sit on in order to watch television.

But I am thankful for one thing about this apartment, it's close proximity to a Canadian Tire and No Frills stores. That makes getting those "I NEED SOMETHING!" items so much easier to purchase. Now if only an IKEA were just a little closer I could get a nice kitchen table with chairs and a futon for watching television and in case anybody came over to visit. But, sadly, these will have to wait.

But at least I am making steps forward, I got cable and internet hooked up in my apartment as well as a phone line ordered to be installed in the coming week (hopefully). Slowly but surely things are coming together in my new place.

It will be a nice place once I am done. When I'[m done....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

So I haven't Blogged for a While....

So I haven't blogged for a while....

Here is the top 5 excuses for why I haven't Blogged:

5. I got lost in a paper bag?

4. My Mommy made me do it!

3. I haven't had anything interesting to mention.

2. Work, Eat, Sleep, only so much to blog about in that I decided not to bore you.

1. I am still moving into my new apartment and haven't had internet or time to!

There is only one that is true (hint: #1!)

Yup, moving will do that to you. I have been spending the past week moving my stuff out into my new apartment. It takes a long time (and patience!) to put together Ikea type furniture. I only had to look at the directions for one piece of furniture too! I am proud of myself.

Well, gotta go! More furniture putting together still to come!

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