Sunday, March 19, 2006

Setting up an Apartment is hard to do

So I thought setting up an apartment would be fun. But after 18 days of lifting, carrying, dropping, screwing things together, dusting, vacuming, scrubbing, and buying, I have realized this is not a fun process any more.

There is not a day that goes by now that I realize, "RATS! I STILL NEED SOMETHING!" That need might be as simple as a mop and pail to a more harder something to sit on in order to watch television.

But I am thankful for one thing about this apartment, it's close proximity to a Canadian Tire and No Frills stores. That makes getting those "I NEED SOMETHING!" items so much easier to purchase. Now if only an IKEA were just a little closer I could get a nice kitchen table with chairs and a futon for watching television and in case anybody came over to visit. But, sadly, these will have to wait.

But at least I am making steps forward, I got cable and internet hooked up in my apartment as well as a phone line ordered to be installed in the coming week (hopefully). Slowly but surely things are coming together in my new place.

It will be a nice place once I am done. When I'[m done....

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