Sunday, March 12, 2006

So I haven't Blogged for a While....

So I haven't blogged for a while....

Here is the top 5 excuses for why I haven't Blogged:

5. I got lost in a paper bag?

4. My Mommy made me do it!

3. I haven't had anything interesting to mention.

2. Work, Eat, Sleep, only so much to blog about in that I decided not to bore you.

1. I am still moving into my new apartment and haven't had internet or time to!

There is only one that is true (hint: #1!)

Yup, moving will do that to you. I have been spending the past week moving my stuff out into my new apartment. It takes a long time (and patience!) to put together Ikea type furniture. I only had to look at the directions for one piece of furniture too! I am proud of myself.

Well, gotta go! More furniture putting together still to come!

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