Friday, March 31, 2006


I am tired of many things....

1. People not getting the idea of a websites guestbook. My personal website's guestbook is for friends, family, website visitors to comment on my website and anything pertinent there of. Sure post your website link, but make sure it is not a commercial site. Is this that hard?

2. SPAM. My blog, website address book, e-mail and many other places on the web have seen SPAM go up. Do you think I am really interested in purchasing porn via my guestbook "Jessica"? NO! In case you haven't noticed my website containes many things that parents with young children may wish to look at. So why would any of these people want to purchase porn or products associated with porn from you? Also, if I delete your add three times why do you keep posting the same thing, but with a different e-mail address, in my website's guestbook? I just don't get people.

3. I receive probably over 35 spam messages a week in my hotmail account. I now only use this e-mail address for website sign ups requiring an e-mail address. Why? Because I found using this e-mail address at websites meant I was inundated with spam. How? The websites I signed up for ended up selling my e-mail address to a third party or I missed a small check mark signing me up for some useless commercial newsletter. So in this account I mostly just delete the items in the junk mail folder.

4. Idiots VIVA drivers. I transfer twice between three VIVA routes on my commute. I have to run in some cases because VIVA drivers don't have the courtesy to look to see if someone wants to get on their VIVA bus from another bus. Perhaps the worst location for transferring is at York University between Orange and Purple routes. Despite an Orange bus pulling into the stop, the VIVA Purple bus pulled out nearly leaving me behind. HELLO! If you want to encourage people to ride the bus system, perhaps making convenient transfers might be a good start!

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