Sunday, January 11, 2015

1 for 1 Average Pizza

After a disappointing visit to Gabriel Pizza up the street, I continued my way down Rideau Street noticing the sandwich board advertising pizza slices and other pizza offerings outside 1 for 1 Pizza (195 Rideau Street, Ottawa).

Sure enough, the store was open and a gentleman behind the counter welcomed me and inquired what I would like.

The Order: 1 Pepperoni, Mushroom and Green Pepper (Deluxe) slice and a Pepsi.

The first thing that slice did was go from the display case to the oven.  I know I'm about to get a sub par slice of pizza when that happens.  If I'm lucky the pizza has just come out of the oven fresh and sliced.  I've experienced that at Gabriel Pizza's Metcalfe Street location where the pizza comes out fresh and is served up in a reasonable amount of time not needing to be reheated.

However, this 1 for 1 Pizza was not that busy, so asking for a fresh slice without ordering a complete pizza pie was probably a little much.

Once the slice came out, and I had paid, it was time find a seat at window overlooking Rideau Street.  Now I wouldn't want to hang out the long counter on a snowy winters day as this 1 for 1 Pizza is located at the intersection of Rideau and Waller Streets where the large transport trucks come off Highway 417, come north and make the right turn onto Rideau from Waller to continue down and then north (left turn) onto King Edward before wandering their way to wherever in Quebec they wish.
I could imagine either a regular car or transport truck miss that turn and slide through, this pizza joint may suddenly have Drive Thru service.

The pizza slice was average in nature.  Sure the cheese wasn't perfect, due to the reheating, but it was satisfactory and not terrible.  I've had cardboard pizza before and this wasn't it. The toppings were also satisfactory for a reheated slice.  Average slice of pizza at a take out restaurant, nothing more. Nothing special like a try at taste by using unique tasting cheese and the freshest ingredients like Gabriel Pizza, but not terrible either. That is why the slice and pop is about a dollar cheaper at 1 for 1 Pizza than Gabriel.

Overall, this trip was worth it.  I'll hopefully retry 1 for 1 Pizza in the future but more likely for a whole pizza rather than a slice due to the heating issue.  This location happens to be one of the pizza places I used to order pizza from when I was a student at the University of Ottawa.  Decent no fuss pizza for a student budget. Things haven't changed one bit.

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