Monday, January 19, 2015

Waiting for Someone at the Airport? Grab a Timmies!

One of my favourite places at the Ottawa Airport is the arrivals area where hopeful people like me get to wait for whomever is arriving from distant lands to descend the escalators from the second floor, get a hug and walk past the waterfall feature to say hello to statues of Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Etienne Cartier.

Before all of that of course is the wait for either your visitor or your visitor's baggage to arrive.  Of course if you are grabbing OC Transpo's route 97 to downtown, there may be another opportunity to wait for the scheduled bus to arrive.  With all this theoretical waiting for time to catch up to you, a coffee shop may be in need.

Located on the ground floor opposite the baggage claim area, is a Tim Hortons Kiosk (1000 Airport Parkway Private, Ottawa) featuring a modest selection of Tim Hortons' regular fare.  For a more complete full service restaurant, another Tim Hortons is located on the third floor in the food court area.

Today, after seeing off my Mother-in-Law and enjoying lunch, I thought I would stop by for a quick cup of coffee before heading to the OC Transpo Route 97 bus to return back downtown.

I joined the line of about five people and slowly moved forward.  The major downfall of this Tim Hortons location is it is only staffed by a single person.  So if a major flight is expected to arrive or does arrive this Tim Hortons can be quite busy.  At other times, this kiosk is a ghost town with the Tim Hortons employee glad to see a warm body looking for a hot cup of coffee.  It really is hit or miss.

Tim Hortons Kiosk on the ground floor of Ottawa Airport.

I gradually worked my way to the front of the five person line and ordered.

The Order: 1 Medium black coffee.

A simple pour of the cup and adding of the lid along with the exchanging of some cash and I was on my way.

The coffee was fresh, probably due to the frequent turnover of customers this Tim Hortons kiosk was doing helping to make sure the coffee was also moving.  

Overall, this Tim Hortons is a nice touch to the Ottawa Airport experience.  Strategically located on the main floor as a snack option for those waiting for someone or to pick up their luggage before heading out the door.  I tend to stop by this location on a regular basis as it is conveniently located near where both OC Transpo bus tickets can picked up at the counter just to left and to board the bus outside on the airport road.   Service at this Tim Hortons is decent along with a quick grab and go menu, the line moves quickly.  So when I need to pick up someone at the airport, I stop by here and grab a Timmies!

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