Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Richtree Market Restaurant Good But a Little Rich

Tonight my wife and I visited th downtown Ottawa Richtree Market Restaurant (50 Rideau Street, Ottawa). 

We waited about two minutes to be seated.

As we got to our table the hostess inquired if we had ever been to Richtree before.  We said no and were then explained how everything works.

Each person receives a plastic swipe card and you can visit whatever food station you wish, order something (i.e. the chicken station) hand your card over to be swiped and receive your food.  After eating you return to the restaurant entrance and pay the cashier. 

We dropped our personal items off at the table and wandered over to check out the food stations. 

I visited the pizza station and placed my order.

The Order: 1 Margherita pizza and 1 Can of Coke.

Eight minutes later I had pizza to take back to my table. 

I attempted to dig into the pizza.  But realized I did not have a napkin or even cutlery.  I doubled back to the chicken food station to find a basket of cutlery wrapped in napkins.  I'm surprised each table did not have a set of cutlery and napkin for each customer. 

After returning to my table with the cutlery, I dug into the pizza.  The pizza was cut by the server at the food station but the first slice I attempted to extract fell in half.  The middle of the pizza was not that well cut on each slice.  My knife made short work of the slicing issue and I returned to the task at hand. 

I extracted the first slice again and tasted it.  The pizza was very hot and I had to quickly guzzle some Coca Cola to cool down my tongue.  I reattempted eating the pizza to find it a thin crust, but the sauce and ingredients tasted good and fresh.   I ate the rest of the pizza barely an inch thick, but good tasting. 

After finishing our meal, we headed for the checkout.  The cashier swiped my card and $11.79 was the total including service fee and taxes.  

Overall, the pizza was pretty delicious and freshly made for myself.  However, the price for a can of Coke, $1.79 seems a little steep compared to other locations.  The pizza at $8.00 seemed reasonable, but the service fee on top was questionable.  Service?  I had to finish cutting the pizza and find my own cutlery and napkins unlike regular restaurants including buffets where you also obtain your own food.  So the food was good but the pricing needs some fine tuning.  Thus, I reluctanly like this restaurant but feel a little guilty in doing so.

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