Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Day, Another Coffee Shop, Might Need a Second Cup

Today, after visiting the bank, I decided to head over to Hillcrest Mall to see what was going on before ambling home. 

I stopped off at Second Cup (9350 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill) for some flavoured coffee goodness. 

The Barista was working on pouring coffee grinds, so I waited about 30 seconds for her to catch on I existed.  But she was quick to acknowledge my presence and inquired how I was and what I would like to order.

The Order: 1 Medium Belgian Chocolate Coffee.

Second Cup Medium Belgian Chocolate Coffee

The Barista poured the coffee and inquired if I would like anything it it (i.e. cream or sugar), I declined politly.   She handed me my cup in exchange for my cash and I was off to read the paper.

The Belgian Chocolate Coffee is one of my favourite coffees as it gives a nice chocolatey taste to an already delicious coffee.  

The only beef with Second Cup is it is a more upscale coffee shop than your regular Tim Hortons so the prices are higher and more in line with Starbucks.  They offer the usual free Wifi and decent sitting.  This location though, has less sitting space than a conventional Second Cup location due to it's tighter location within the mall's food court area. 

Overall, this location is great if you are shopping at Hillcrest Mall and are searching for coffee that has a little more flavour than usual. 

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