Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Bridgehead to Goodness

This morning I headed over to Bridgehead (96 Sparks Street, Ottawa) to take in some delicious coffee and something a baked. 

This location of the Ottawa based coffeehouse chain is mere steps from Canada's Parliament Hill.  

I entered the location and walked up to the counter where I was warmly welcomed immediately and inquired what I would like.  I have been to this location a couple of times and have never had any customer service issues.  Every employee has a sixth sense of customer service here.  They will drop whatever they are doing (e.g.. grinding coffee, cleaning the coffee machine, etc.) to serve the customer.  They also seem to love to hate line ups as I've seen servers here open another cash when two customers are standing at the counter.  Even with both cashes open, other employees will gladly lend a hand if a line up does start to form.  True welcoming service at coffee shop chains is hard to find nowadays.  

I place my order and the server pours my coffee and grabs my muffin.

The Order: 1 Medium Medium Roast Coffee with 1 Triple Berry Muffin.

I received my coffee and muffin then headed off to find a seat. 

After sitting down, I had a sip of my coffee.  This coffee is superb tasting and is even better than your average Tim Hortons coffee. It is a rich fresh blend in taste.  Fresh? Yes, the coffeehouse claims that the beans are ground at their Preston Street location in Ottawa and then shipped to stores.  Tim Hortons Coffee?  Who knows where that is ground, Toronto maybe?

The muffin also was great tasting as it felt freshly baked the day before unlike Tim Hortons which freezes it's items and then ships them to the stores to be warmed in an oven.  

Overall, I've taken a liking to Bridgehead for the great tasting coffee and baked goods.

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