Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perkin' up for Perkins

Recently my wife and I visited Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (1130 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa) for dinner.   The location is somewhat convenient to get to as it is right across the street from St. Laurent Centre Mall and OC Transpo's St. Laurent Transitway Station. 

We were warmly greated at 8:00 P.M. at the front and quickly seated in this moderatly attended restaurant.  It looked like the dinner time crowd had died down for the evening.  

We were greeted friendly by our server who inquired if we would like anything to drink.  We ordered our drinks and she quickly disappeared and returned.  We continued to pour over our menus, looking at the so many choices to choose from the American breakfast and lunch favourites. Eventually we decided and our waitress was eager to take our order.

The Order: 1 Triple Decker Club on White with Fries and Cherry Coke and 1 Classic Egg Favourites with a glass of Water.

About 10 minutes later our food arrived!  Pretty good on the speed and friendly service. 

The club sandwich was exceptionally good with fresh tasting ingredients.  I had not had a club sandwich in months yet it is a main staple on what I enjoy ordering at pubs in replacement of the usual hamburger or other burger based sandwich.  The fries were decently heated and were great with a little ketchup. 

The egg favourites came with pancakes.  There were three pancakes syrups to choose from: maple syrup, apricot syrup and what appeared to be a blueberry based syrup.  I tried each one and all were delicious except for the blueberry which was hardly noticeable.  But to be fair, the pancake with blueberry syrup had been previously soaking up a little maple syrup.  Perhaps the maple syrup was overpowering the blueberry syrup. 

The home fries were what you would get at any reputable greasy spoon to go along with your typical greasy big breakfast platter.  The sausages were about the same quality.

Our waitress returned a couple of times during the meal to refill the Cherry Coke and see how we were doing.  At the end she did the usual inquiry about desert.  Unfortunately, with such a good meal we didn't have any room for delicious desert from their bakery section, so we politely requested the bill.  The waitress dropped off the bill and said we could pay it at the bakery. 

At the bakery we were greated by the cashier who seemingly to genuinly inquire how our visit was.  We replied our visit was excellent due to the food and the above satisfactory service.

Overall if you are looking for a comforting American style breakfast or lunch with good service, Perkins is the right place for you.

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