Saturday, December 18, 2010

And we are Finished!

Today we finished and wrapped all of our Christmas shopping.  

Every year on the first of December I start my engines and head off to the mall.  Sometimes I can do all the Christmas shopping for my immediate family in an hour or two.  Other times, like this year, it took a little effort.  What to get them? Will they like it? Those are both questions I need a definitive "YES!" to in my little head. 

My wife, early on in November, got the Christmas gift buying itch.  She demanded people forward their Christmas wish lists.  If not...a bag of frozen peas for you!  Coal?  Forget it, with today's home heating costs?  Coal is a valuable resource!

Then comes the worries of December.  Do I have enough time before Christmas or is Dad getting a melting slushy (again!) bought the night before from the local Mac's store? Did I get enough for the person on my list monetary wise?

Next comes the relief from the worries.  This usually follows the wrapping of the presents.  One of the things I dislike about Christmas, is wrapping.  I'm not the neatest wrappers in the world.  At a Secret Santa party you can tell the present I wrapped from a mile away.  It looks like an eight year old did it. No clean lines or folds.   Thus, one of the best things about my wife is her wrapping abilitities.  She solved my Secret Santa wrapping problem.  After she moved in with me everyone wondered which present was the one I brought...they couldn't tell!  Today, I left her with a roll of tape, wrapping paper and scissors and dissappeared off to clean the toilets and start the laundry.  When I came back she was working on wrapping the last present.  All I had to do was write the tags and stack the presents in our basement awaiting transport to my Dad's house.  Finally, everything bought and wrapped... RELIEF!

Except for what to bring for Christmas dinner that is....but that is for another day...until then I will sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while resting my feet....Merry Christmas!

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