Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Subscribed to a Cleaning Magazine...Damn it!

A while back Rogers was offering free subscriptions for some of the magazine the company owns.  I looked through the list and figured, with a new house, a cleaning magazine would be the best option. 

I was eagerly anticipating the first issue to hit my mailbox.  I dreamt of easy ways to clean the dust off a refrigerator moter and grating, cleaning hardwood floors easily, and how to look like a million dollars while cleaning a toilet. 

A few weeks passed before the magazine arrived.  I cheered like a kid at the library finding a favourite book when the magazine arrived. 

Then things went downhill.  I read a column by Andrew Coyne about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.  I put a little forshadowing in this after reading the first couple of lines.  I looked at the picture of a Canadian soldier holding his relatively large gun and the first couple lines about Afghanistan and figured...hmmm...perhaps they are trying out the best way to clean something in a country full of sand.  Great location.    I read on in the article and was dissapointed to find nothing on how to clean something.  Really, why was this cleaning magazine's National Editor writing about Canadian soldiers being in Afghanistan and not including the magazine's basic premise for it's existance, CLEANING!

I read a few more articles in the magazine and came up with the same problem, no mention of cleaning.  Sure the magazine was on nice clean glossy paper, but that was really the only thing close to idea of "CLEANING!"

The magazine even had a great title for cleaning.   It even fit the whole idea of the catchy slogan I came up for the magazine that I thought Rogers could use...

"Who better to learn cleaning from than your own mother?  Because "MA CLEANS!" 

Sadly this subscription has been a big let down.

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