Friday, December 17, 2010

Licked for Money at Lick's

Tonight we headed to Lick's (8187 Yonge Street, Markham) for my first time visit to this chain.   On the way in, my wife pointed out we were the only ones in there at this time.  This would come back to haunt me. 

We approached the till and were pleasantly informed that the Debit machine was down and that the credit card machine was just lost as well.   I inquired, with a smile on my face, if they still accepted old cash still.  The cashier replied they did. 

The Order: Two Homeburger Combos.  One with fries and one with Onion Rings and two cokes. 

The total for two of a regular boring old hamburger was, including taxes $19.64...yup...almost twenty bucks!

So the burgers must have to be good then...right?  Heck no!

The burgers were topped just like they do at Harvey's, with the person behind the counter standing behind a bunch of toppings and topping them for you.

The burgers themselves weren't, as my wife put it, "much to write home about".  She noted they were just like Harvey's burgers.  My reply: "except for the price."

So based on the price, one would think that there would be excellent fries in both quality and quantity.  Wrong again!  The fries were exactly like Harvey's in both quality and quantity.

But wait, things get worse:

In the Men's washroom one of the toilets was bagged and not in use. 

In the dining room, it is rimmed with neon lighting that wasn't illuminated and the seating and wood panneling looked quite dated.  

On the side door out to the parking lot there was a sign requesting people exit via the front door.  I dared not wondered why.

The only other diners there appeared to be pretty chummy with the servers behind the counter.  It seems the only people that eat at this location know the workers or work there themselves.

Overall, this Lick's location provides burgers and service like Harvey's but at more inflated prices with worse decor.   After this visit, I will think again before returning.

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