Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moving Memories

Back in February of this year the entire idea of moving out of my apartment began.  I talked to what would be our agent after church one day about what we needed.  He gave us a couple of business cards to contact mortgage people.  Soon after my wife and I were talking to mortgage brokers and financial advisors.  

Once we became preapproved we went back to our agent, Roy Eveleigh, to figure out our next steps.  We drew up a list of what we were looking for in a place and of course the three most important things: location, location, location.

My wife and I were looking to shorten our commutes.  Since we both work in north Toronto and south York Region we decided something in Richmond Hill would be ideal.  Richmond Hill? Yes it is perfect for us as it is close to both work and accessible to transit into the city (GO Train and VIVA service).  Also, Richmond Hill's housing prices were affordable to us unlike places we saw on http://www.realtor.ca/ in north Toronto.

The road ahead was tough slogging though: open houses, appointments for viewing, strange real estate agents for sellers and much more.   But it was all worth it as I type in my new home feeling satisfied after clearing out five more cardboard boxes of stuff today. 

Of course there is lots more to tell about moving... so stay tuned!

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