Sunday, June 13, 2010

Amongst the Boxes....there is Satisfaction

Well I'm officially moved.  Yesterday, my family and I moved everything from my little apartment in Aurora to Richmond Hill.  In fact, even a day later it is amazing how much stuff I own as look around while typing amongst the boxes. 

But nonetheless I've got a feeling of satisfaction.  Satisfaction that I now own my own place and no longer rent. Satisfaction I looked at around forty to fifty houses with a darn good Real Estate Agent in Roy Eveleigh  Satisfaction in finding a place that reduces my commute to work by just over an hour per day. Satisfaction that the search is finally over.   Satisfaction that in a week every nook and cranny in this place will have seen a vacuum, swiffer, soap, or cloth and will finally be clean!  Satisfaction that perhaps in a week the last of the boxes will have been flattened and the burly recycling man will have trucked it all away.  Satisfaction that for one summer Saturday night I can sleep with the window open and not hear the drunks coming home from the bar yelling obscenities or skateboarders practicing their trade.  Come to think of it, as I sit here in my new home, typing away it is pure satisfaction to hear just the birds chirping and the dull roar of traffic in the background.   Satisfaction overall that this part of my life is finally over.

Now I just have to set up and organize my home life again.  I love doing this part.  The putting things together, the decorating and seeing what has to be purchased.  Today I changed the locks on my house all by myself.  It was simple really,  a couple of Home Depot specials and a little help from an orange aproned expert and I was away to the races while my wife made dinner I set to work. This is really satisfying, to know that, sorry Red Green, the women find me handsome, and they find me handy.

I wonder now, as I sit amongst the boxes, what future satisfaction awaits me in the place.  Only time will tell what satisfaction is ahead.

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