Saturday, May 08, 2010

Some changes again

Over the next little while there may not be weekly blog postings like I normally do.  This is because I'm moving to my new home!  I will be moving to Richmond Hill!  So stay tuned for my adventures in Richmond Hill!  But for now I must pack and get the fine details taken care of. 

Also, I've been forced to moderate comments here on the blog due to spam postings.  It seems I've started to get about two to three weekly that pop up and I must delete.  So if you post a comment please be patient for it to appear on the blog as I must now approve it.

Originally on posting comments to the blog, I had been forced to turn on the "sign in" option in order to post, but now I'm getting signed in spammers, so this is the next logical step.  But what about "Captcha"  I find those annoying on other blogs so I will not subject commenters to that on my blog.


  1. Are you buying a Home? So when is the kid due? Just Kidding !!!!

  2. I had to do the same on mine, these invasions are really annoying. BTW good luck with your move. Richmond Hill is a nice place we visit there all the time. Anna :)


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