Sunday, January 25, 2009

Did you ever wonder about your Alma Mater?

Sometimes you look back at your Alma mater and ask yourself "how in the heck did I chose this place?" This usually is preceded with the question "how in the heck did this place become so screwed up?"

I've already had these two questions asked of myself a couple of years ago when I ran across a guy who was being witheld his convocation privilages at York University due to several unpaid parking tickets. Thus the blog entry of "York's best graduate" was born.

I thought the University of Ottawa was safe (insert laugh track here) from something similar to the above. But I was wrong...

On Monday January 12th I was walking through the University of Ottawa campus on my way, with my skates, to the Rideau Canal. I looked over and saw the above sign post. I did a double take and couldn't believe my eyes.
At the University of Ottawa they teach students to think critically and logically for themselves. But apparently things have changed

Now the University believes that people pulling out of the parking lot accross from the Lamoureaux building (home of the Faculty of Education...aka...the home of those whose future is in the teaching profession no less) cannot think that a "One Way" sign pointing left means, "Hey I cannot turn right." No sir that would be called thinking critically and/or logically. Apparently the University believes students, not to mention future teachers, are no longer to think for themselves and not make that ever tempting right hand turn.

What is ironic is that these same drivers that don't understand the one way concept and require that "No Right hand turn" sign, the University deems smart enough to want their money. Why else would they require those entering and exiting that parking lot to pay for their spot using a complicated pay and display MACHINE!

How in the heck did the University of Ottawa's logic become so screwed up?

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