Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rick Mercer Report: The Book: Report

He has also flown with the Snowbirds, skinny-dipped with Bob Rae, urged Margaret Atwood to share her tips on how to tend goal in hockey and – most famously and memorably – persuaded Pierre Berton to share his technique on how to roll a joint. - Vit Wagner, Book Reviewer for the Toronto Star

Rick Mercer has been on CBC Television sharing his comedic political rants on both This Hour has 22 Minutes and the Rick Mercer Report for at least over a decade. In late 2007 Mercer published a book of the rants classified into different themes like "Bullies", "In Bed with Stephen Harper," and "Choosing the Nerd." The book is hillarious while also recounting some of Canada's recent political history.

One hillarious situation that Mercer finds himself in the book includes his dinner with Steven. No not Steven Harper, but Steven Fletcher the Quadraplegic MP Charleswood - St. James - Assiniboia (Manitoba). Funny things that ensue with Mr. Fletcher include running around Parliament Hill in high speeds on Steven's electric wheel chair. Further, the recounting of Mr. Fletcher being forced to sit on an airplane at 1:00 A.M. on the tarmac in Ottawa as no one from the airline could remember where his wheelchair was. Eventually Fletcher found himself in the airport chapel sleeping on air mattress while the search for the chair continued. This turned for the worse as the muslim prayer time came and went. Steven took part with a big grin on his face. Mercer has a way of bringing all these stories together into a funny recount of life as a unique MP.

The only thing one could argue about in this book is the price at $29.95. Readers may flock away because of the price. Why? Because most of the rants are available either: by watching reruns of Mercer's television shows on CBC and the Comedy Channel or pulling up the rants on YouTube. Sure even visiting Mercer's own website would probably give you some look at Mercer humour. So, some would say, why would you go out to Chapters and spend thirty big ones when you could head to the beer store spend almost that amount on a two-four and settle back for some Rick Mercering on the cheap using all the above? But then you would miss out on Rick Mercer's take, on page 192 of the book, on why he was appalled on by Scott Reid's comment on the Conservative child care plan in December 2005. Weirdly this clip wasn't yet available on the Internet as of this writing.

Overall, I found the book to be quite good in it's wit and humour. He makes fun of politicians in his rants then the next day could be hanging out with them. Doubting this? Just ask Bob Rae! It's his bare bottom on the last page of the book yet Rae gets lampooned a couple of times in the book. Somehow Rick Mercer does this all in the name of comedy, but now recorded in book form.

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