Sunday, January 13, 2008

Babies are nauseated by brand new shirts

"Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?" - Jeff Foxworthy

Yestereday, Yvonne and I headed out birthday present shopping for my mother. While at Winners in Aurora I saw a nice new blue shirt and tie combination. The shirt was part polyester and cotton. I've learend, in my "I'm a slacker at laundry" mindset, that adding a little polyester to material with cotton reduces the chances of wrinkles. Lack of wrinkles, in turn, leads to less ironing!

Well this morning at church, I was helping out in the sunday school. I was asked to watch a newborn boy who was in his carseat. I thought to myself, "poor guy sitting there in his carseat, we should get him out of there so he can observe the other children playing from a nice perch laying on my shoulder."

I, wearing my new shirt and tie, carefully undid the seatbelts of the carseat and lifted him up to my shoulder. I remembered to properly cradle his head as the little guy had poor neck control. However, I forgot to remember the most important things about babies of this age, a blanket or towel is a must! Sure enough, after about two minutes of gently rubbing his back the little guy burped. I quickly handed off the little guy, after noticing the blanket on top of the bookcase next to his carseat, and ran to the washroom.

In the aftermath of removing baby grossness from said new shirt, I've learned something else: baby barf easily comes out of polyester and cotton shirts quite easily. And thus:

"Every day you learn something new." - Dennis Brown

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