Sunday, January 20, 2008

Free Stuff?

Well maybe not totally not all free stuff. My girlfriend is a coupon clipper and found We have experienced everything from free paper towels to discount coupons for cereal and other handy coupons.

So for the next few months we will be enjoying free paper towels that really only cost us $0.39 a piece (unfortunately, the sales tax must be paid by the customer...but still...a two pack of paper towels for $0.39????).

She continues to scour thie internet for deals. In fact on this blog she found on sale an IPOD at Winners for a discounted price on boxing day only. She was all geared up to go until Christmas Day. Let's just say that Christmas Day was a real present to me for not having to wake up BEFORE the crack of dawn to go out to our local Winners store to beat the crowds for a heavily discounted IPOD.

The blog portion of this site also provides interesting tidbits and other funny information on stores in Canada or other interesting things Canadians on the web might be interested in. For example, it provides a brief description of how Ikea names different pieces of its furniture and then links to the original wikipedia article on the topic. Other things Canadians might be interested in includes how badly Drew Carey is at hosting Plinko on the Price is Right.

The forum section allows posters to post their own links to deals or coupons to site. Also, this lets others to comment on whether the deal is a fraud, confirm a good deal or if the corporation offering the deal has changed or modified the deal at all. In this section we have gleaned items like two free movies and deals on popcorn as well!

All in all, this blog has what a lot of Canadians are looking for: something that entertains and saves you some sheckels as well.

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  1. wow, if you like smartcanucks you should try thats where smartcanucks get all their free stuff, coupons and contests and the people are so much nicer!!!


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