Sunday, January 06, 2008

Party Hardy with Lord Stanley!

Last night was unbelievable! Yvonne and I were invited, along with the rest of my family, for a surprise birthday party for one of my cousins.

We partied from 7 P.M. to shortly after midnight at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Downtown Toronto. The birthday girl was to show up around 8 P.M.

The birthday girl, my cousin thought she was being taken out for a university student fun trip around Toronto. She thought, according to a message on my other cousin's Blackberry, that she was going to have dinner at a sports bar in Toronto somewhere and wouldn't be home until late. Little did she know it was "THE SPORTS BAR" of any hockey fan in Toronto. When my cousin arrived blindfolded at the "THE SPORTS BAR", everyone fell silent. The DJ hit the Hockey Night in Canada Theme and an eruption of "SURPRISE!" ensued. My cousin was totally surprised at having a birthday party start in the Great Hall with the Stanley Cup at her side.

From there the party had dinner, dancing and Hockey Hall of Fame activities including hockey shootouts, and much more. Here are some pictures from what happenned:

The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup, another view

Michael & the Stanley Cup

Peter Suddard & Alice at the party

Alice getting up close and personal with Lord Stanley

Peter Suddard & Dad let their lips get aquainted with Lord Stanley

The original Stanley Cup in the old bank vault

Peter Suddard trying the shootout game in a Quebec Nordiques jersey.

Thanks Uncle Bob (right) for a great evening of dinner and entertainment!

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