Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm Green. I ride YRT/VIVA

On Wednesday of last week while I was transferring buses in the morning on my way to work. While waiting for five minutes for the connection, I visited the customer appreciation day booth for York Region Transit (YRT). A YRT representative gave me a bottle of water, a cookie and a button (like the one pictured in this post). I enjoyed the water and cookie while waiting for the bus.

The button I filed away in my bag before hopping on the next bus. I thought nothing of the button until yesterday (Monday). I read on a circular given with the button that if I was spotted riding YRT or VIVA that I could win an IPOD or a monthly pass. So I placed the button on my bag that I take with me to and from work everyday.

About mid day today I got the button jammed on my blue box underneath my desk. I thought about just pulling the button off and throwing it out. I decided against it and merely flatenned out the pin on the back and reattached the button to my bag.

Good thing I did reattach the button. On the bus ride home we stopped off at Promenade Terminal stop and spied a lady in a blue sweatshirt walking towards the bus. I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be funny if...." and then my thought came true!

"Does anybody have the 'I'm Green' button?" the blue shirted young lady asked as she got on the bus.

"I do!" I replied.

She handed me a free YRT/VIVA monthly pass and the usual contest agreement promising not to persue legal action against the transit company.

The best part of the day? One of the people who rides the bus with me that very morning was making fun of me for having the button on my bag. Coincidently, she was on the bus with me on the way home when I got handed the free monthly pass of an $85.00 value. To say the least I was a little smug on the rest of the way home on the bus.

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