Saturday, June 09, 2007

Heritage Day in Richmond Hill

This afternoon I grabbed my camera and headed down to Richmond Hill, Ontario to check out the towns "Heritage Fair." Here I thought their historic downtown Richmond Hill buildings would be open to be toured and maybe a small bazaar on the street. The fair was located on Yonge Street between Major Mackenzie Drive and Crosby Avenue.

Well I was partially right, only St. Matthews United Church (pictured below) was open for historical tours. In fact the church was charging $3.00 for the tour. That I thought was a little much, so I didn't bother entering even though every time I go past the church on the bus I wonder what the inside was like. However, at least the people outside the church were dressed in Victorian style dress.

What other "heritage" was there? Nothing really historical in nature, but there was plenty of bands playing and children singing. Other than that, the Heritage fair looked like Aurora's Street Sale except on a much smaller scale. Vendors were featuring everything from selling jewelry to trying to interest you in day camps and environmentally friendly car rentals. These vendors were not organized very well. In some places the vendors were located along the curb sides while just further up the road the vendors were set up in the middle of the street. At least at the Aurora Street sale all the vendors were along the curbs.

To say the least, I was little dissapointed with Heritage Day in Richmond Hill. But at least it was a nice day to venture out in the sun. Now, here are the pictures....

Richmond Hill United Church

Looking North on Yonge Street from near the M.L. McConaghy Seniors' Centre
Looking North from near the corner of Yonge & Centre Streets.

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