Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ever Wonder?

Have you ever wondered what happenned to a former school mate of yours? I have and today at the Aurora Street Sale I ran into a friend I grew up with.

Gord Demille has always had a drawing pencil in his hand doodling. As we grew up he became quite good at computer graphics, so a computer mouse replaced the pencil. Eventually he took interest in advertising and that was the last I heard of him.

Today I came accross his booth at the Aurora Street Sale. It was well decorated with his framed hand drawn art. Apparently Gord has gone into business for himself as an artist. He does pencil drawings for offices, family rooms, etc. I was pretty impressed with the art displayed at the street sale. Gord had pencil drawings of everything from wovles to bears to the siblings in his family. You can see his art at his website here.

Sometimes its amazing how friends turn out. I would never have thought fifteen years ago Gord would be owning his own artistry business. But nontheless he does!

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