Sunday, June 03, 2007

2007 Aurora Street Sale

Ever year Aurora hosts an annual street sale on Yonge Street through the heart of town.

In fact, in the street sale's innaugeral year in 1996 it held the world's record for being the world's longest street sale. To add more intrique, it has been called, in the past, "The World's Longest Street Sale on the World's Longest Street" because the sale takes place on Yonge Street which holds the record for being the world longest street.

This year, like last year, I took my digital camera on my adventure to check out this years street festival and here is some of what I saw:

Looking south from the corner of Tyler Street at the masses.

Looking South on Yonge Street in Downtown Aurora from the corner of Yonge & Wellington Streets.

Looking North at the street sale from the corner of Yonge Street & Murray Drive

An added feature to this year's street sale! A soap box derby along Cousins Drive!

For even more pictures of this years and last years street sale visit my Aurora photo gallery.

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