Monday, April 25, 2005

Dad's Birthday Present Shipping....

So my father's birthday is on April 27th. So I thought, no problem I will just go out and purchase something and ship it to him in Canada via Fed Ex.

Well let me tell you FedEx wanted to charge me forty-one dollars and change to have the present there by Wednesday. However, they were going to only charge me thirty-nine dollars and change to overnight the package (you know, have the present there tommorrow). I asked the lady if she was serious. She said yes, I said then forget it and walked out of the store.

I then shipped the present via US Post for less than five bucks and it should be there in 4-6 weeks. Will it take less that 4-6 weeks? Probably since my tax forms sent to Sudbury, Ontario took less than a week to get there. So with any luck my Dad will have his present late, but at least by the end of the week.

I chalk this one up to learning.

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