Monday, April 25, 2005

I Live in My Head and Sleep in my Bed

I Live in My Head and Sleep in my Bed

So apparently, my little sister has her own blog. Well that is news to her big brother since he only stumbled accross it via wandering the internet aimlessly waiting for his roomate to get out of bed so Mikey can go to Jersey, get his hair cut, get some lunch and say he has been out of NYC for a while.

Apparently when you live outside of the Toronto area in the Suddard family nobody tells you anything. A well, at least she is giving it a try, I will keep watch on this blog.

Now to figure out how to add links back go my blog...hmmmmm....


  1. I will have you know no one knew about my blog little Mr. Detective. So don't go feeling all left out.

  2. but the question is how did I find it?

    Check out my comments in your blog for clues.


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