Friday, May 09, 2014

Wild Area for a Wild Wing

Last Friday for dinner my wife and I planned to head out to Vanier in search of chicken wings.  We could not remember the last time we had gone for chicken wings and fries since moving to Ottawa.

We chose Wild Wing (1263 Donald Street, Ottawa) as it was a familiar restaurant to us after living in the Toronto area.  

We were warmly greeted around 5 P.M. to somewhat full restaurant that had been previously featured in Undercover Boss Canada television series.

After sitting down in the front and reviewing the menus we started to wonder what kind of area we were in.  Interesting vehicles were parked in the lot accompanied with a few unsavoury characters getting out of cars and heading next door to the restaurant.  Later on, after leaving the restaurant, we noticed the next store over from the Wild Wing restaurant was a pawn shop.  Who knows what was being pawned and what the ensuing cashout money was being used for.

Eventually, somehow, the waitress found us and took our order after an awkward 10 minute wait.

The Order: 2 pounds of wings with Honey Garlic and Blue Cheese, 1 onion rings with 1 Coke and glass of water.

5 minutes later our drinks arrived and 20 minutes our food arrived.

The chicken wings, no matter what the flavour, were average size and length.  Not as meaty as what they could be, but not overly bony.  They were though generously over doused in sauce with little thought evident to perfecting the right chicken to tasty sauce ratio.  Quite frankly, it looked like the kitchen crew had gone to the McDonald's college of kitchen prep and passed with flying colours the slap it on and move it out attitude testing.

The onion rings were at least properly cooked but unremarkable. Just boring through it on the table breaded onion rings.  Nothing to write about, thus, I won't mention any more.

Our bill also took a while to arrive, payment picked up and change returned.  This occurred after a table of about 10 people arrived and needed their order taken.  All of this occurred while three hostesses at the front decided to stand around and chat instead of at least one lending a hand to the semi busy wait staff.

Overall, this Wild Wing may have been on Undercover Boss and improved shortly after the show.  But it has returned to needing some fine tuning in terms of timely service and fine tune staff training.  Sure it can't help that it is located next to a pawn shop.  But security of customers will need to be investigated and solutions provided. Until the wildly overdosed chicken and area has been resolved, we will not be returning.

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