Monday, May 12, 2014

Bill Cosby Wouldn't Be Amused by this Fat Albert's

For a while I had been intrigued by an Ottawa sandwich chain but never made it.  So Friday, I ventured over to Fat Albert's downtown location (245 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa) which is accompanied by a Ralph's Neighbourhood Sports Bar.

Upon entering I stood stunned.  How in the heck do I get a sub sandwich and find a table like I would at Mr. Sub. or Subway?   After standing there dumbfounded and attempting to work my way to the counter that turned out to be the kitchen I was met by a waitress.  The waitress inquired if I would like to have something for there or to go.    She showed me to a table and handed me a menu.  Interesting a sub shop that is more of a restaurant.

The restaurant overlooks Laurier Avenue West near O'Connor Street with a small local bar setting.  There were three waitresses working with one of the three learning.  There were two customers at 11:30 A.M. including myself. So service started well and I selected a sandwich and ordered.

The Order: 1 12" Club Sub with a bottle of Pepsi.

The sandwich came before 10 minutes in a Quiznos style plastic basket.  One of the interesting things, and it may only be my experience, is my waitress never asked if I want to add any toppings like Subway or other sandwich shop.  I was forced to get the only option from the menu, no options no nothing.

The sandwich itself was pretty good oven roasted. Cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon were average for a sandwich place.  Nothing great, just a neighbourhood sports bar feeling sandwich which I guess is great for a "Ralph's Neighbourhood Sports Bar" feel.

Price wise Fat Albert's is a little off.  The $8.49 for the sandwich could be a little more economical, but perhaps the worst is the 591 ml bottle of Pepsi at $2.49.  A sandwich lunch after tax is $12.49 which also doesn't include a tip for the waitress service.

Add to this, a large group came in of 8 people, plus 2 guys who somehow have Friday lunch reservation spots at the bar and 2 other businessmen also arriving.  The waitress I had was a little overwhelmed and took a little while to return with my change.  Really, after receiving the expensive bill for a sub sandwich, all I wanted to do was leave and get back to work.

Overall, Fat Albert's somehow has a loyal following.  Overpriced sandwiches coupled with a bar atmosphere may needs some tweaking.  Why isn't there an option just order a sandwich, grab a pop out of the fridge fast food style?  I guess then, they wouldn't call it Fat Albert's but would be labelled "Subway". I left feeling if Bill Cosby's character Fat Albert had of arrived to eat, he would leave full and broke.

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