Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Roast 'N Me Some Coffee at Roast 'N Brew

Monday I found myself downtown waiting for the Ottawa Public Library to open for 10 A.M. to do a little research.  With a need of a small morning snack, I ventured out along Laurier Avenue west and found a Roast 'N Brew Coffee (234 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa).

I entered to find a modern looking coffee shop within a downtown office building. Behind the counter were a pair of workers waiting for my order as a I reviewed the choice of six different types of muffins before placing my order.

The Order. 1 Banana Muffin and 1 Medium Blend Black Coffee.

The first employee rang up my order and took my cash while the second prepared my muffin and coffee.

After paying I sat down at one of the tables at the front window overlooking Laurier Avenue.

The coffee was a decent medium roast that I find to be better tasting than a Starbucks.  Roast 'N Brew's coffee I find to have a more gourmet taste that has a hint of chocolate if anything.

The muffin was delicious with hints of banana coming through the nice moist texture of the muffin.

Overall, this Roast 'N Brew location is a good spot to find a gourmet tasting coffee with a fresh tasting baked accomplice.  Service is fast and friendly with a clean modern coffee shop feel.  Adding fresh looking desserts, which are also available, this coffee shop can double as a delicious dessert place as well. Not much to not like at this Roast 'N Brew.

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