Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Bank on this Gabriel to Deliver

I was looking forward to having a nice slice of pizza today after, for whatever reason, not having pizza for a while.  In Ottawa, I have become accustomed to Gabriel's Pizza and never had a bad experience after visiting or having their pizza delivered.  When eating Gabriel's Pizza the product has always been hot and great tasting.

That was until today.

I arrived downtown Ottawa today at 11:30 A.M. in hopes of beating the end of week lunch rush from the nearby office buildings.  I entered the Gabriel Pizza location at Bank & Somerset (277 Bank Street, Ottawa) to find a more of diner type set up with a bunch of tables with about three customers enjoying their breakfast with an assortment of newspapers and other reading material available.  One waitress was attending them and greeted me as I entered.

I visited the counter to find the heated display case for three pizzas totally empty and turned off.  I inquired with the waitress if I was too early to pick up slice.

The waitress replied that there was no slices ready and none would be made today.

I thanked her and dejectedly left to find other food.

A downtown pizza location in a major city surrounded by offices on a the last day of the work week is bad for business. Most office workers, after enduring the weekly work week, love to go out for bite with coworkers on a the last day of the work week.  Whether it be a regular week with a Friday or a shortened work week on a Thursday, pizza slices should be in demand.  In this regard, Gabriel's fails to deliver.

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