Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nutty Greek Goodness at the Nutty Greek Bake Shop

Yesterday afternoon I was looking for a delicious mid afternoon snack. While in the area I found the Nutty Greek Bake Shop (490 Rochester Street, Ottawa).

Upon entering the shop just down the street from Beech Street Burger, I notice the tidy bakery with a friendly person behind the counter welcoming me with a smile.  Being three o'clock the lunch rush was well past so there was time to chat.  Turned out I was being served by the owner, Anna.

I inquired as to what type of teas she offered.  She went through about eight different types, but the first or second stuck in my head, Morrocan Mint.

Of course there had to be something to nibble on if a true afternoon tea was going to be had.  I gazed through the all the tempting temptations in the display case. many choices....  the carrot cake style cupcake with the swirl of frosting on the top caught my eye.  Something about it just made me salivate.

The Order: 1 Large Morrocan Mint Tea and a Carrot Cake Muffin.

Anna poured the tea and brought me the cup cake.  I paid and left to return to the office.

The Morrocan Mint tea was delightful.  The tea was piping hot and minty.  Not sure what the "Morrocan" taste was supposed to be or how "Morrocan Mint" is different from regular "Mint". But I was not complaining.  The tea went down nice and the smell of mint was with me for the afternoon.

The Carrot Cake cupcake was the interesting part of my day.  First the icing was rich, creamy and delicious. Some of the best prepared bakery icing I've ever had.  The carrot cake below that icing? Good moist quality carrot cake that tasted like your mother had pulled it out of the oven.  Delcious through and through.

Overall, the Nutty Greek Bake Shop is an excellent addition to the Ottawa bakery scene.  Freshly made baked goods coupled with quality teas within a family owned bakery atmosphere.  I look forward to meeting Anna again in the future to see what Greek concoctions she has for the day.

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