Saturday, September 07, 2013

No Roast Beefs at Luciano Foods

On Friday, I took a coworker's recommendation to try a sandwich from Luciano Foods (114 Preston Street, Ottawa) in Ottawa's Little Italy.  I visited at 11:45 A.M. a little confused whether to go to the noodle shop or the grocery store which are both Luciano Foods stores sitting side by side.

 I tried the noodle shop first as it seemed more restaurant style than the grocery store.  Wrong, I needed the deli counter at the grocery store.

Hop skip and a jump next door and I was warmly welcomed by one of the ladies behind the deli counter.  I asked if there was a menu, she said they make the sandwiches with the freshly sliced meats and I could have anything from the deli.    She recommended three different meats that had just been freshly sliced that morning.   So I was in....

The Order: 1 Roast Beef Sandwich with a can of Coke.

I gathered my sandwich, paid at the cash and grabbed my can of Coke and left for the office.

The sandwich was smaller in size than what I had purchased before at Di Rienzo's Grocery & Deli in December 2012. Taste wise Luciano Foods' was pretty good for a deli sandwich.  The bread tasted decently fresh, but was not freshly baked neither more than a day old.  The toppings of cheese, lettuce and tomato were also satisfactory.  The roast beef was a solid fresh deli taste.  The sandwich was pretty good, a lot better than Subway but not over the top deli fresh.

Overall, Luciano Foods provides a solid Italian deli experience with personable service and at least one "grazi" during your visit.  The deli sandwiches are decent but not exceptionally fresh in terms of taste, but still good none the less. If you are looking for a decent sandwich with all the toppings you will have no beef visiting Luciano's.

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