Monday, June 03, 2013

Micro Timmies in a Esso Station

Last week I found myself out in the Orleans area of Ottawa.  Of course being out early in the morning requires a coffee run.  So I visited a Tim Hortons (1980 St. Joseph Boulevard, Ottawa) within an Esso station.

Since the coffee shop is inside a gas station, there is no inside customer seating and it is smaller than a typical Tim Hortons.  But at this particular Tim Hortons counter they make the most of it.  There is two counters inside the gas station, 1 for Tim Hortons and the 2nd for the convenience store and gas station operations.

Service wise, this is one of the better Tim Hortons to visit.  There is normally one server dedicated to Tim Hortons with another 2 attendants at the convenience store counter.  But sometimes if Tim Hortons is busy one of the convenience store attendants will come over to help move customers quickly. This is better considering at other Esso Stations with where the Tim Hortons counter is lined up and the convenience store attendants do nothing but twiddle their thumbs instead of wandering over to help out.

Food wise, this Tim Hortons is like any of the other coffee shops bearing the name.  Decent quality food with the usual addictive coffee. I've visited this Tim Hortons at least three times in the past week and noticed not one time was there a coffee tasting off.

Overall, this Tim Hortons does well in a small space.  Still serves up the usual coffee, donuts and, even more impressively, has full bakery capabilities to prepare your bagels and other sandwiches.  All this while still maintaining the Tim Hortons quality and improved service customers expect.

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