Thursday, June 06, 2013

Interesting Starbucks

Yesterday, I found myself transferring buses at that Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre OC Transpo bus station.  With ten minutes to wait, I decided to grab a coffee at the nearby Starbucks (1910 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa).

I visited at 10 A.M. to mostly empty weekday daytime store.  The weird part is that the customer line up instead of being from the front of the store to the back actually is at the back of the store.  Interesting that you have to go to the back in order to work your way to the front instead of the usual other way around.  But since I was the only one waiting to be served I got to place my order right away.

The Order: 1 Tall Blonde Roast Black Coffee.

I paid and left the store returning the nearby plaza bus station.

The coffee itself was perfect black Starbucks coffee with no noticeable difference in taste as to what it was supposed to.

Overall, this Starbucks is a mere suburban plaza edition of this coffee chain.  Good coffee and decent number of usual overpriced baked goods is just the usual what you can find at a Starbucks including this one.

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