Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Tim Hortons on Laurier: Service a Prime Minister Would Love

Just grabbed a quick cup of coffee from Tim Hortons (161 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa).  I realized that this place is pretty unappreciated and underated.  A Tim Horton's that has this stature? Could it be?  Sadly, yes this is so, now to explain.

I have been to this location a couple of times after getting annoyed at the stupidity of the customer line ups of the sister store at Metcalfe & Slater. The Laurier Tim Hortons location is like a breath of fresh air.  The employees here love to see an empty line up awaiting service and cheerfully serve their customers like you may be their best customer of all time.  Fast, friendly service is one thing, but how about the food?

The Order: 1 Medium black coffee.

Today I ordered my usual coffee selection, 1 medium black coffee, which is a good way to tell if a Tim Horton's location is on top of their game. I've had everything from weak coffee to a little sugar added to perfection.

The Laurier location had two employees serve me, one took my payment while the other poured the coffee.  The coffee was perfect, not too strong, not to weak and definitely no sugar added as requested.  On previous visits, I have also had fresh coffee each time made almost better than Tim Horton himself would have called for.

Overall, I've found this Tim Hortons to be a quiet spot to grab a coffee read the paper or be on your merry way.  Good corporate chain food and drink coupled with well trained employees and above average cleanliness help to make it.  Hopefully the Tim Hortons at Slater & Metcalfe can learn from this location, Ottawa Timmies addicts would greatly appreciate it.

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