Thursday, April 04, 2013

From the Mailbag: Dear Virginia....

From the mailbag:


From: Virginia Bahi (

Sent: April-03-13 9:22:22 PM


Subject: Hope you are doing great.

I believe you will like to make good and nice friends from anywhere in the world. My is Virginia, i am a beautiful and honest girl. I want to be your friend after viewing your contact while searching for a reliable friend to mingle with, share some pictures and more. If you care to know more about me. I will tell you more as soon as i receive your reply. Thanks, i wish you all the best...


Hi Virginia,

Thanks for your kind message. I hope you are doing well wherever in the world you happen to be.
I'm not sure how it came about that I'm a reliable person based on my "contact". Did we meet somewhere on the street and I didn't recognize you? Do you say this to every random person you pass by on the street? I would love to know. Perhaps you could send me a YouTube video of your technique. May I suggest you try filming on the downtown 4 train approaching Grand Central in New York City at about 8:30 on a Monday morning? I have good authority many New Yorkers are quite pleased to make the acquaintance of someone at that hour.

Finally, I notice you left the "TO:" function on the e-mail you sent me blank. Is this because you "BCC'd" it to several other people to make them feel special as well? Please excuse the skepticism but I believe "good and nice friends" should write personal notes directed at each other directly without hiding anything or sending it to other people.

I apologize for the skepticism as well because I also nearly missed your message as it ended up in my spam folder. Hopefully, in the future this will not happen but this also could be a sign your e-mail has been blacklisted on the internet. As a handsome and honest boy I thought you should know this and hopefully have the all powerful Google Machine fix that.

Finally, there is no need to reply with pictures. I will save you time and photo upload hell by not requiring these. If you are interested in making contact again, please feel free to comment on this or any other posting on this blog. No need to e-mail me as somehow your e-mail address has ended up on my "Blocked Sender list" along with several other e-mail addresses I have from high up scammer type African officials wanting to send me millions of dollars. No offence really as I don't know how to remove your e-mail address from this list and don't wish or have the time learn how.

Thank you again for contacting me and I hope this message finds you well.



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