Friday, February 22, 2013

Pure Gelato Goodness

After my adventure to the Pita Pit, I was still a little hungry.  What better than to follow up a pita with a walk and some desert.

I left the Byward Market and headed down Elgin Street to another one of my favorite places from university, Pure Gelato (350 Elgin Street, Ottawa).

Located on the southwest corner at Waverly & Elgin, I visited at 12:15 P.M. to find a group in the front enjoying their gelato goodness.  I wandered over to the display case full of gelato.  I was met there by one employee who said if I wanted a taste or had any questions to just ask.  That is the kind of service you get here at the Pure Gelato, no rush service when the place is not lined up.  I scoured the two display cases full of gelato and narrowed down my choices to one.

The Order: 1 Single Scoop of Toblerone & Orange Gelato on a Sugar Cone

I handed over $5.00 for the Gelato and left.

The Gelato was interesting as I could taste the chocolateness but the orange, not so much.  Don't get me wrong, the Gelato was good, but the Orange was barely there to compete.  Surprised that that Toblerone even let Orange be on the product label in the display case.

I've been to this particular Pure Gelato location a couple of times over the past decade.  During the summer it can be lined up out the door with no space to sit inside.  I believe I've only actually sat inside on one occasion out of the six times I've visited.  But, I've never left this location dissappointed as the great tasting gelato makes up for it.

Overall, Pure Gelato on Elgin Street is a great spot on a warm evening to grab a little bit of desert after a hot dinner date at one of the local restaurants.  It is is also a good spot, provided you can find a coveted seat in the front window, to people watch the passers by on Elgin Street.  Love this place for the variety of great tasting flavors to savor of gelator.

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