Friday, February 22, 2013

A Pit of Deliciousness at the Pita Pit

Today for lunch I decided to return to one of my old favourites when I was a university student, The Pita Pit (373 Dalhousie Street, Ottawa).

I stopped off at 11:30 A.M. to the fast food pita filling shop that is full of deliciousness.  I entered the store with no one in line and about four people sitting enjoying their overstuffed Pitas.

Ah the memories of this place.  I scoured the menu and racked my brain to remember what my old guaranteed goodness pita was at this place.  Hmmm.....Right....Got it!

The Order: 1 9" Turkey Pita

I paid an overpriced $7.90 (including taxes) for the 9" round pita.  You know prices are going up when it is $7.90 for a pita compared to a $5.50 plus tax 12" sandwich from Subway.  This was really the only beef I had with the Pita Pit. If they had the Pita for less than $7.00 including taxes I would be a little more agreeable.

Taste wise the Turkey Pita was great! The vegetables tasted great.  The only complaint was the mayonnaise   When I was finishing up the Pita, I found the mayonnaise in the bottom of the pita which caused it to drip all over my face.  Tasted pretty good though, just messy.  Will have to remember that for next time to eat the mayonnaise end first.  

Overall, the Pita Pit has been an old standby for nutritious fast food.  Lots of vegetables and meat are available to choose from to make your Pita of deliciousness   Prices have increased to a point where it is starting to be debatable about Pita Pit's cost efficiency.  Finally, the best part is when you have the munchies after a night out at the bar in the nearby Byward Market as the Pita Pit is open very late.

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