Friday, February 08, 2013

One Suzy Q of a Donut

Today as a treat, and a challenge in the snowstorm, I headed over to SuzyQ Donuts (991 Wellington Street West, Ottawa) to check out one of Ottawa's most recommended baked goods stores.  Even my cousin has recommended this Ottawa Donut Shop to me.

Donut Shop?  Yes, it is a donut shop but not your typical Tim Hortons, it is a gourmet donut shop with interesting flavoured donuts that are downright delicious.

I visited at 10:00 A.M. to find the parking lot full of cars.  I entered the small store, past the "Top Restaurant of 2012" sticker, to find a family of three ordering two of almost every donut in the place.  But thank goodness there were more fresh donuts arriving as I waited.   I was next, and once the family left with at least a dozen donuts I was good to go.

The Order: 1 Dirty Chocolate Donut & 1  Cinnamon Toast Donut

Each donut is $2.00 plus tax each and were neatly individually bagged.  I paid and left.  I had no choice but to leave as there is no seating in the place.  In fact the store is so small there is hardly room for more than four or five customers in the store.

The Dirty Chocolate tasted like delicious dark belgian chocolate with a hint of donut taste.  My wife, who doesn't like donuts,  would love this one.  Too bad I went with our her today, she will be jealous. 

The Cinnamon Toast Donut tasted like a deliciously freshly baked Cinnamon Roll with a couple of cornflake like pieces of cereal on top.  

Overall Suzy Q could do with a move to a more Tim Hortons style location to allow customers to purchase coffee and a few donuts to eat.  The donuts though do stand on their own.  Sure they cost way more than a Tim Hortons donut but these are gourmet donuts that are carefully made by hand freshly on site.  It is worth the cost and the trip to this recommended local Ottawa institution.

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