Friday, February 15, 2013

Gabriel = A New Good Pizza Place?

Today for lunch I visited a succesful expanding Ottawa area restaurant chain, Gabriel Pizza (100 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa). 

I had seen many of Gabriel's advertisments with not only pizza but breakfast and sandwich options.  It seems Gabriel's has branched out from pizza into a more pub style sandwich lunch restaurant to serve the downtown crowd while also providing take out options.

I visited around 11:30 to avoid the Friday lunch rush.  I walked in to a choice of two doors.  I found out later the door on the right is for the restaurant and the door on left was for slices and take out foods.  

I walked up to the counter for a couple of slices and waited to be served.  There were about five or six pizzas laid out on the counter sliced up waiting for the lunch crowd.  There was one gentlemen looking at the pizza and writing a few things.  A lady from the restaurant hollered that there was a customer and another employee came out and took my order.

The Order: 2 slices of bacon, mushroom and cheese pizza and a can of Dr. Pepper.

I settled down at the counter near the window to watch the world go by as I ate my slices of pizza and pop at a steep price of $9.50 including taxes. 

The pizza had good goey tastey cheese. The bacon was tasted freshly done and added to the pizza before heading into the oven.  No skimping on the toppings either as I found the toppings all over the pizza slices from the bottom to the top.  The tomato sauce tasted average which was probably the only average thing about the slice.  Size wise each slice took about a sixth of a medium pizza size or two times the normal pizza slice at average restaurants. 

Overall, Gabriel pizza makes delicious pizza slices.  Next time I may try their waffles or club sandwich to see how they stack up against the competition in Ottawa.  The pizza though is a little on the pricey side but makes up for it with better tasting slice than the average pizza joint.

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