Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Pioneer on How Not to Serve Tim Hortons

On my way eastward I stopped in for a mid morning snack to the Tim Hortons at the Pioneer Gas Station (631 Industrial Avenue, Ottawa). 

This Tim Hortons location is conveniently located near the Ottawa Train Yards shopping complex for those driving and need gas and perhaps a snack or caffeine fix. 

I arrived to the gas station and found the counter in the main building. On the way in I noted about three Tim Hortons employees working the counter and drive thru. 

I stood at one of the cashes waiting for service next to the display filled with the usual Tim Hortons bagels and donuts.  Nobody came over.  One employee was working the drive thru and another the bakery.  Nothing.  I backed up to see what was going on and realized the other cash was open and an employee was there. Somehow I missed the other cash being open when I walked in but the employee was not standing there either.  Not sure where she came from. Anyway, she was ready to take my order. 

The Order: 1 Medium Black Coffee and 1 Boston Cream Donut.

She poured my coffee, I paid, gave me the donut and I left. 

On the way out, I tried opening the donut.  The chocolate top on the Boston Cream was now melded to a napkin on the inside of the bag.  In ended up losing half the chocolate to the napkin.  It was interesting trying to separate the now stuck napkin without leaving paper fibres behind.

The coffee though was Tim Hortons perfection.  Just as you would expect at any other Tim Hortons in Ontario. 

Overall, the staff need to learn how to serve a basic donut.  Use the wax paper instead of the napkin.  The coffee though was pretty good especially for a gas station.  I may return in the future, but so far am not impressed.

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