Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Question Period: Second Cup at St. Laurent Centre

Yesterday I was at St. Laurent Centre Mall and was looking for some coffee and of course, with Second Cup Gift Card in hand, I searched out the Second Cup (1200 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ottawa) kiosk.  The kiosk is located on the main floor just near the The Bay on the St. Laurent Boulevard side of the mall.

There were three Baristas working there with one pouring coffee, one taking the cash and yet another making the lattes and other more complicated drinks that require rocket science. 

I walked up, reviewed the selection of coffees on offer only to find none of my usual choices of flavoured coffees were available.  No sign of the Caramello, Belgian Chocolate, Hazelnut Cream, Irish Cream or those of the mild flavour.  What to do? Why must Second Cup put me through such hell!  I know, try something new!

The Order: 1 Medium Black Ethiopian Limu

The Second Cup claims Ethiopian Limu blend is claimed to be "Light-bodied" with a "sweet and smooth flavour with a clean finish" or whatever that means in coffee speak. 

The average person like myself, I ask:

Q: Do you like the taste?

A: Yes! It tastes like a regular coffee you would find anywhere else.

Q: How does it compare to our other flavours?

A: The Ethiopian Limu is a more flavourful coffee compared to Second Cup's regular black coffee blend of Paradiso.  I enjoy the Ethiopian Limu has it has a richer taste but does not taste burnt.  I might even rank it ahead of Tim Hortons coffee as well, but would have to have a few more cups to test it.

Q: Would you have it again?

A: Yes, I wouldn't mind it.

Q: If we provided another flavour for you, would you choose the Ethiopian Limu blend?

A: Depends on what is on offer, against Belgian Chocolate and other I enjoy, probably not.  I only chose the Ethiopian Limu as it was on offer and the others I enjoyed were not.  I tend to choose Second Cup for flavoured coffees as opposed to regular coffees.  If I wanted a regular run of the mill coffee I would tend to visit Bridgehead or Tim Hortons.

Overall, this location is in a busy mall location but like most Second Cup locations lines are not an issue as the service levels are more than adequate with competant Baristas working the counter.  The Ethiopian Limu coffee was an interesting regular blend, but the lack of flavoured coffee in the mild category was a little concerning.  I'm not sure if this was a one off time of selection of flavours available.  Further visits would be able to see if this is the case at this location.

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