Monday, January 14, 2013

A Second Cup to Bank On

Today I found myself over on Bank Street in downtown Ottawa doing a few things.  With my Second Cup Gift Card in hand and the need for a little coffee, I scoured Bank Street for the Second Cup location (123 Bank Street, Ottawa).  The Second Cup was on the corner of Slater & Bank Streets easy to pick out.  

I visited at 12:30 P.M. to find a moderately full cafe with many a federal bureaucrat enjoying a coffee, some nibbles and taking full advantage of the free wifi. 

I walked up to the counter, choosing my coffee beverage of choice as I passed the flavoured coffees, and ordered.

The Order: 1 Medium Black Caramello Coffee

I paid using my Second Cup Gift Card, grabbed my quickly poured coffee and left to head for the nearby Bank Street OC Transpo station to head home. 

The Caramello coffee was a significant improvement over the previous one I had at the Second Cup at the University of Ottawa's Morisett Library location. The caramel taste was definately present, but the best part was the coffee failed to possess a burnt taste.  This was how the Caramello Coffee from Second Cup should taste.  

Overall, this location is pretty good if you are looking to kill some time downtown and have your own wifi device.  Decent amount of comfortable seating with good coffee is available along with free wifi.  But, if you are looking for a spot with good coffee before you grab the bus, this location will also suffice.  Good location, good coffee and free wifi is what every coffee drinker should be able to bank on especially on Bank Street.

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