Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Laurier Needs a Second Cup

Still with a small balance on my Second Cup Gift Card, I searched out for an interesting Second Cup location which I found at 153 Laurier Avenue East, Ottawa

Nearby, at Tabaret Hall, the University of Ottawa was holding it's Winter Challenge featuring Beavertails, dog sled rides with more going on later this week.  Tabaret's lawn was overflowing with students and huskies ready to pull you for a ride.  Beavertails had a long line, but there still was that chill in the air. 

I ventured eastward along Laurier Avenue East to the Hyman Soloway Residence building where the Second Cup is located on the ground floor and accessible to passers by on Laurier Avenue East. 

I entered at 12 Noon. to find the Second Cup location bustling with students on their laptops and many sipping their beverages reading books or going over class notes.  Not a seat to be found so I decided to grab a coffee and be on my way. 

I ventured up to the counter, reviewed my 4 choices of coffee and place my order.

The Order: 1 Medium Black Cuzco ("Nutty flavour, with a hint of dark chocolate" - Second Cup website)

I ended up choosing the Cuzco as I really didn't see anything else besides the regular Second Cup Paradiso blend to choose from.   But I wasn't too dissapointed that the regular flavours were not there. 

I paid for my Medium Cuzco, grabbed a lid and left to watch sled dogs do their rounds on Tabaret Hall's lawn.

The Cuzco is advertised as having a "hint of dark chocolate".  Hmm...my mouth never really picked up on any chocolatey taste whatsoever. Nutty flavour?  A tad, but it really tasted like another variation of a high quality regular black coffee.

Overall, this Second Cup is a hit with the local University of Ottawa students.  The only trouble though is finding a seat during the school year.  Nearby there are not that many close options for substitute seating escept during the summer when months when the Tabaret Hall lawn is open.   Good location for coffee "to go" as your not that likely to find a seat inside.

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