Monday, January 21, 2013

Exchange change for Second Cup Coffee at World Exchange

This morning I was downtown to visit OC Transpo to pick up my February bus pass and do a few errands.  I stopped by the World Exchange Plaza to find some coffee knowing there was a Second Cup (111 Albert Street, Ottawa) on the first floor near the Queen Street entrance that I had yet to try.

I visited at about 10:30 A.M. to find one customer in front of me and one just entering to join me in line.  There was only one Barista when I first was at the counter putting together an order for the first customer in line.  But a second Barista had just finished cleaning the tables and was about to help out just after she washed her hands.  Then we were ready to order with the first Barista.

The Order: 1 Medium French Vanilla Coffee

The second Barista poured the coffee as the first Barista took the cash.  The customer behind me also ordered a regular medium sized coffee and had a chat.  One coffee was set down on the counter.  Query? Whose coffee is this?  Chat continues and I'm left stunned.  Nobody moved towards it, so I grabbed it, smelled the vanilla flavouring and left with the other customer looking at me wondering if it was her coffee. 

The coffee itself was the usual refreshing smell of French Vanilla and a pretty good taste. 

The Second Cup location though did not have a lot of baked goods left for lunch.  The front display case was severely sad looking with only 4 muffins available with some looking a little crumbly.  Not very appetizing.  Surely Second Cup could resupply these cases as workers from the nearby office towers will surely want something during their morning or afternoon coffee breaks or heck even to supplement lunch.

Overall, this Second Cup location is pretty good coffee spot if you work in the World Exchange Plaza or the two attached office towers.  With a full food court inside though there is some competition, but no other coffee establishment (e.g. Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Bridgehead, etc.), business must be brisk especially during the cold winters.

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