Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Great but Not Terrible at Mr. Greek

My wife and I joined the rest of my family for a night out at Mr. Greek (9218 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill).  We arrived shortly after 5:00 P.M. this past Sunday to a bustling place. 

We were seated immediately as others at our table had already arrived and our waitress stopped by to offer drinks and take our food order.

The Order: 1 Original Pork Souvelaki Dinner with potatoes and fries with a pepsi.

Our drinks arrived shortly after ordering and our food arrived within reasonable fifteen minutes time.  This is impressive considering there were seven people at our table.  Not one meal was improrerly prepared either. 

As I dug into my meal though, there was one issue.  The fries were not fresh and tasted luc warm at best.  The greek style potatoes were perfect temperature though along with the Pork Souvelaki.   Overall my meal wasn't anything to write home about.  Sure the food was decent Mediterranean fare, but nothing special.

For Mediterranean food I would rather go to Jonathan's Restaurant in Aurora where the Souvlaki dinner seems better prepared at the right price with the same service I experienced at Mr. Greek.  But nonetheless, Mr. Greek is a decent place to visit for satisfactory food with excellent service.

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